Packer Beat Writers on the Draft


Here is Jason Wilde’s take.  Here is a typically sour and pessimistic Bob McGinn.   And Peter Doughtery is here.

Wilde believes the Packers will have lots of options at #30.  McGinn breaks a little news — the Packers have negotiated with Daunte Culpepper but (surprise, surprise) he being a pain in the ass and wants to be a starter.  On the draft, McGinn (surprise, surprise) thinks it’s terrible spot.  Dougherty raises the possibility of the Packers taking Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart if he slides to #30, something I haven’t heard before but would not mind.  Dougherty in particular pays attention to possible tight end selection, naming four different possibilities for the Packers (which, in its own way, makes my point about the relatively even assessments of TEs this year).

All of these writers agree that the Packers will try to trade down if they have an opportunity.  McGinn points out that four of the teams in the early part of the 2nd round are candidates for quarterbacks and there’s only one Matt Ryan.  The major question is whether they will get antsy and trade with, say, the Redskins at #21 to get the guy they want rather than waiting until the Packers pick.  If Atlanta does not take Matt Ryan at #3, that will increase the likelihood of the Packers trading down.


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