Brian Brohm with 2nd pick, Patrick Lee with 3rd pick


What do we all think of that? Let Packergeeks know.

Brohm  – I like it. He was one of the players who would have been picked really high in last year’s draft had he come out. He can play and if you really analyze his 2007 year, he did little to hurt his stock. He is a very good quarterback and I really like Rodgers having some competition. Rodgers has shown some ability here and there but the truth is he’s still a bit of a question mark (especially with the injury concerns).

I think because most Packer fans are nice people, we are all rooting for Rodgers because he had to wait a few years patiently to get the chance to play – so we may feel a bit badly for him personally. In fact, I’ve already heard some out there (on radio broadcasts of the draft) not liking this pick because they feel Rodgers should just be given the starting job no question. I disagree. If Brohm comes in there and dominates, he should start. I like getting someone like this deep in the second round. Nice.

Lee – I heard one of the talk radio guys pulling for Patrick Lee – so he must be happy. I confess I know little about him. For those of you who also don’t know much about him – read up here. At least we drafted in more of a need area with this pick. I think it will be helpful to have another talented athlete back there. I do think that one thing TT has in mind when he makes picks is the confidence he has in the coaching staff and their ability to bring players along. From what I’ve read about Lee, sounds like he has some raw talent and speed, some quality return ability, but may also have to work some to be competitive at the next level.



2 Responses to “Brian Brohm with 2nd pick, Patrick Lee with 3rd pick”

  1. BookieMom Says:

    Uh… What if the Madden Curse chases Brett out of RETIREMENT?? It could happen. How?? Watch!

    F.Y.I… Nordy’s a sweet pick. Happy Draft Weekend!

  2. RayMidge Says:

    I like the Brohm pick in that spot. He seems like he can potentially be a Hasselbeck type. You have to give yourself enough chances to get lucky with QBs, there’s no telling when or where the really good ones come along. There is something abot the descriptions of Lee that vaguely scare me into seeing another Ahmad Carroll, but that could just be the yips on my part. After the TE and DE picked, I’m expecting one late pick on a back, some more DBs and probably linemen on both sides of the ball the rest of the way. I was hoping for an intriguing LB somewhere, but with Bishop and Hodge I suppose we already have some guys who should challenge for playing time. The Jordy Nelson pick was as confusing as the Harrell pick last year, but if the guys can play, and those clips make him look silly-good, I am all for another offensive weapon- you truly can never have too many.

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