Still disagree – tight end can be solid pick


Bedard essentially points to one case of a tight end (who was really hyped) not working out completely (though I think Davis may still be a good player in the NFL). I also disagree with Bedard implying that tight end blocking is somehow an unimportant part of the offense. Blocking is a very important of a tight end’s contribution to the offense – and if the TE happens to have good receiving hands, then that’s a huge bonus. Imagine if Martelles Bennett or Dustin Keller were the next Jay Novacek (who was the real MVP during the 90s for the Cowboys.)

Not only do I think a tight end can be a valuable (1st round worthy) pick to make, but I think in the Packers case, it could be an especially smart one. I’ve begun to think McCarthy may be somewhat of an offensive genius. There is a lot going on up in that rather large melon offensively. I think pairing Donald Lee with a quality TE partner could have an especially huge impact on the overall offensive production because it would enable McCarthy to open things up even more for Rodgers. Think of all the combinations we could have with 2 quality receiving TEs and the 5 receivers we already have. Endless. Imagine a 2nd and goal from the 3 with the mobile Rodgers at QB, TE Martellus Bennett lined up in the backfield in front of our drafted RB Steve Slaton, with Donald Lee on the line, Jennings, Driver, and Jones wide. No defense could account for the all of the play options that would be possible.


3 Responses to “Still disagree – tight end can be solid pick”

  1. sfhayes Says:

    You’re misunderstanding Bedard. He’s saying the opposite of what you thought — he saying that TE blocking is important for an offense. His point is that Vernon Davis ran a 4.38 forty time and that his speed is irrelevant because he spends so much time blocking. Dustin Keller can’t block. And Martellus Bennett will almost certainly be available for the Packers in the second round. You’re still wrong.

  2. Jimmie Johnson Says:

    As the coach of the World Championship Dallas Cowboys, I take great exception to your claim that Jay Novacek was the “real” MVP of my teams. Everyone knows that the real MVP was my personal stylist.

    Seriously though, Novacek? He was good player, a marginal pro bowler a few times, but come on now. That team was built around Aikman, Smith, Irving, a great offensive line, and Charles Haley. Novacek was purely complimentary. He got balls and got open because Irving and Smith were drawing so much attention.

  3. Draft Eve Overview | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] the net for that. (Some personal faves here, here and here) I would, however, like to engage in The Great Taking A Tight End In The First Round Debate that is raging over at PackerGeeks. (Raging, Aaron? Yes, dear reader, […]

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