On a Potential Trade with Atlanta, Jason Taylor, etc.


BratsNBeerGuy picks up the discussion about a potential trade with Atlanta and links to a piece by Jay Sorgi at WTMJ. BratsNBeerGuy writes: “Jay Sorgi proposes that the Falcons might want to make a deal with the Packers for the #30 pick to get QB Brian Brohm, though he of the Milwaukee radio goodness thinks that TT might be able to get two of Atlanta’s three second-round picks. I’ll admit it sounds a little unlikely, but if that situation unfolded, TT would than have four second rounders to play with. I could maybe get behind that plan as well.”

I think BratsNBeerGuy is being kind by saying that scenario is “unlikely.” The headline on Sorgi’s piece is a question. “How does four second-round picks sound?” My answer: Crazy.

This NFL draft value chart gives a good idea of how many points each pick is worth. The Packers pick at #30 overall is worth 620. The Falcons picks — 34,37,48 — are worth 560, 530, 420, respectively. So if they were to give us their bottom two second-round picks we would be getting selections worth 950 points. The trade would be lopsided in our favor by some 330 points — basically the equivalent of the 57th pick overall. There is no way Atlanta would do that. It would be the story of the draft and they’d be a laughingstock. Since we have picks 56 and 60, however, we could potentially package one of those (preferably the 60) and trade down that way. (Also, there is no chance the Rams draft Matt Ryan at #2, as Sorgi suggests, unless they have a deal in place to trade him.)

As of Friday evening, there are reports that the Dolphins have given up hope of getting a first round pick for Jason Taylor and would settle for a second rounder. I still think that’s a very high price to pay, but it would bother me less than if we had dealt our first round pick for him. The analysts on the NFL Network thought the Dolphins might have to lower their asking price to a third rounder, in which case it might make sense for the Packers to pursue him. (The Packers have the 28th pick in the third round — 91st overall — and would almost certainly have to throw in another pick or two to make it happen.) Jacksonville is also very interested in getting Taylor and they have picks 58, 71, and 89 to throw around.


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