Jared Allen to Vikings


The Vikes took the plunge yesterday – wow. Read here about how the Vikes gave away their #17, #73 and #82 picks in the draft for Allen. My gut reaction here is that they gave up too much. I had written the other day about how I thought the Packers should make a play for Allen, giving up perhaps our 1st round pick and a third round pick. It would have been a bit easier for us to do that considering we don’t pick until #30, but judging from this trade, the Chiefs wouldn’t have gone for that. Again, I think Allen is a great player and his addition to the Vikes scares me as a Packer fan. But giving up 3 of the 1st 82 picks in the draft is a pretty steep price (not to mention the giant contract).

Allen will join a fairly talented group on the Viking’s D-Line (the Williams duo, Ray Edwards, Erasmus “always hurt” James). This acquisition will make their defense quite a bit scarier. I suppose their thinking was that they already stuff the run well with the Williams duo, why not take the pass away too with one of best pass rushers in the NFL. This trade makes me suddenly fear the Vikes a bit more. Their defense has become more than legit now that they have at least 4-5 players who could easily be pro-bowl players (both Williams, Allen, EJ Henderson, and the toughest short guy in the NFL, Antione Winfield). While brother Steve probably still rests easy because the offense starts with Tarvaris, I happen to think the potential he has coupled with the clear talent that Peterson, Taylor and Rice have, makes them a team to watch. I still think the Packers are better overall, but if the Vikes added a quality tight end somehow, they could really contend for the division title.


6 Responses to “Jared Allen to Vikings”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Scares me a bit too, but when the Packers played KC last year Allen only had 0.5 sacks and two(?) tackles despite having 6 tackles over the previous two games. So I think our O-line can handle him. If we can keep the Giant’s defense from any sacks when they killed the Patriots and Brady in the SB they should be able to keep the Vikings in check. Especially since Aaron Rodgers is fairly mobile and we have a bunch of great receivers. They are scary but I’m kind of hoping that the Vikings choke like they always seem to do. And if so, they are screwed for a long time based on the number of large contracts they have given out this off-season which leaves them with not a lot of cap room.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Packerbelle – good thoughts. You’re right, we did contain Allen nicely, along with Patrick Kerney and the Giants D last year. And, I would add that the Vikes may also be somewhat screwed looking forward for giving up 3 picks in this year’s draft. I hope you’re right and the Vikes start out 5-3 or 6-2 like they often do only to crumble down the stretch, miss the playoffs and leaving the team and fans with a general feeling of awfulness.

    We may still do OK against them especially given Rodger’s mobility (though I suspect he will be told to reign that in a bit due to his Paul Molitor-like injury history). It’s hard for any of our opponents to have to defend 4.5 legit receivers at once (plus a good receiving back and tight end). However, I remain concerned that the Vikes having a defense with very few holes could give them extra confidence overall and for a franchise with a collective, diagnosable self-esteem problem, this could spell trouble.

  3. MC Says:

    It’s early, but the Vikes have the look of a division winner right now. Barring injury, Adrian Peterson will likely be devastating and now the defense looks like it’s poised to become elite.

    If there’s any consolation for us Cheeseheads, it’s that Brad Childress is still the head coach and bound to f**k a few things up.

    But the other thing I’m worried about is if the Pack’s’ 13-3 season was a mirage, like the Bears’ 13-3 record in 2001.

    We’ll see, I guess.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    The Vikings have looked like division winners multiple times and not even come close to winning it. They have a habit of choking – and not just due to bad coaching. Adrian Peterson I think is a very good RB. But I don’t know if he is as good as the hype says he is. He had some great games – and some really crappy ones. And especially after the injury in Green Bay he didn’t seem to have the same spark. Plus the more the Vikings use him, the higher the risk of injury to him. And his running style does lend itself to getting injured. Plus with Tavaris Jackson they probably still won’t have much of a passing game so you can focus on the run.

    The defense is probably going to be scary. But the Packers have shown they can contain good pass rushers. Favre was not sacked much last year and that was despite going against Jared Allen, the Seattle Seahawks and the NY Giants. Plus with our 4 and 5 receiver sets they can’t cover everyone which gives Rodgers some action. If we can have the same protection from the O-line and some better blocking for the run game I think we will be fine.

    I don’t think we’ll be back to 13-3 and we may not win the division. We have a tough looking schedule and a new QB. But I think we still have a very good shot at winning the division.

  5. sfhayes Says:

    I’m thrilled that the Vikings gave up so much to get Allen. He’s been arrested twice for DUI. One more and he’s in real trouble. He says he’s a changed man, a family man. I hope he is. But did anyone else notice that he had his final contract — and his signing bonus — end in “69,” which also happens to be his number? Is he in high school? What a tool.

  6. Smart Says:

    Yep, every year the Vikings think they will win it all and they never do. Reminds me of the Red Sox a few years ago. No matter what they did, they would always blow it. Of course, things did change and they usually do.

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