Culpepper to Packers? Noooooooooo….


Sirius NFL Radio is reporting that Daunte Culpepper arrived in Green Bay last night for a visit with the Packers. He’s there today.

Let me be blunt: Daunte Culpepper is one of the biggest tools in the NFL. He’s not good. In fact, he was never as good as his statistics suggested — even in his two decent years. I could throw the ball up to Randy Moss and have kind of success. He was exposed when Moss left and was exposed again in Miami. The guy sucks.

Worse, though, is that incredibly annoying arm roll he does. It is the worst celebration in the NFL. Without question. And one time it drove me to thoughts I never thought I would have. I’m going to admit it, even though I’m not proud of it: I stooped to wishing he would get hurt. I never have those thoughts. They’re crazy. But I had them with Culpepper. Nothing serious, of course, but I hoped that maybe he’d sprain a wrist while celebrating, like Martin Gramatica did when he jumped up and hurt his knee celebrating a field goal.

I will pray tonight that we don’t sign him. But I think it’s too late. There’s not much left and while I’d much prefer Jerry Babb to Daunte Culpepper, I’m guessing Ted Thompson does not agree.

If we end up with him, it will be at least partially Brett Favre’s fault. By taking as long as he did, several other potential signings were gone and now we’re stuck. Maybe Thompson wouldn’t have signed any of those other guys, but maybe he would have. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Favre’s failure to land Randy Moss as a Packer indirectly contributed to the arrival of the guy who owes his only decent statistics to Moss?

UPDATE: Here is the GB Press Gazette on the visit.


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