So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…


From Peter King via JSOnline blog:

Favre and his agent, Bus Cook, have a suppose-this-ever-happened kind of relationship, so it wouldn’t shock me if Favre, in some conversation with him, said there was some very slight chance he might want to play again. I don’t know that; I’m just saying it’s possible. And as Favre said when he retired, “Bus is a lot like my dad. Sometimes he says things he probably shouldn’t have.”

…I talked to Favre for 20 minutes Friday, and he’s content, as his wife, Deanna, says, to be married to his 465-acre spread in Hattiesburg and work the land. He doesn’t want to work out, he doesn’t want to think about the mental energy it would take to play again. Will he change his mind? I doubt it. When Favre retired, I would have said I’m 98-percent sure he’ll never play again. Now I’d put the percentage at 93. I still can’t see him doing it, but I suppose I have my eyes open

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