Favre Comeback Almost a Sure Thing


Think for a minute about Aaron Rodgers’ injury history.  It’s not good.  Then read this comment that Brett Favre gave to Al Jones with the Biloxi Sun Herald.  Jones asked Favre if he would come back if the team needed him because of injuries.

It would be hard to pass up, I guess. But three months from now, say that presents itself, I may say, you know what, I’m so glad I made that decision. I’m feel very comfortable in what I’m doing and my decision.

Yeah, I can probably be up there doing that and playing, but again, I don’t know. It’s only speculating. I think the world of that team. I had a lot of fun, not only this year, but over my career. Those guys I played with this past year, a lot of young guys, a lot of fun.

There’s a lot more and Favre hedges a bit elsewhere in the interview.  But if I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m looking over my shoulder for Jeff Stone or, as he used to be known, Jeff Gillooly.


3 Responses to “Favre Comeback Almost a Sure Thing”

  1. djburf Says:

    Greg Bedard had a story today fleshing out this issue a little. It sure does sound like he is already mentally “refreshed.” I think getting the monkey off his back on the off season Oprahesque retirement thing has refreshed him.

    I think I have connected the dots on the retirement papers conspiracy. I read a recounting of Brett’s check writing ability as told by Deanna. It was truly amazing and funny. To think he can navigate the paperwork to retire from the NFL in a timely fashion might be asking a lot of the old guy.

  2. lostinutah Says:

    Hm. Mr. Gillooly, wherever you are, I’ve got a few bucks and a crowbar.

    Just sayin’….

  3. Joe Says:

    At this point we need a clean break, pull the band aid off and move on. I love Brett and did not want him to retire but now that he has the best way for him to help the team is to shut up and let Aaron grow into the leader of the Pack. Every time he opens his mouth he undercuts number 12 – think post-presidency Jimmy Carter.

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