Does Chicago aspire to be like Milwaukee?


Check this link out from frequent reader and long-time Packergeeks friend Schaef.

Not only has Chicago claimed Pabst, but now they are going about re-introducting the original formula Schlitz with the hope of reviving it. Crazy – does Chicago secretly aspire to be like Milwaukee? Will the re-introduced Schlitz have the slogan: The Beer That Made Chicago Famous For It’s Rather Obvious Attempts To Be More Like Milwaukee?

UPDATE: More, from a much better publication (i.e. one that’s located in Wisconsin) right here.

4 Responses to “Does Chicago aspire to be like Milwaukee?”

  1. theruffian Says:

    WTF!! Can they even do that legally? Wow first California blatantly steals our state nickname “America’s Dairyland” and now this?

  2. Joe Says:

    Pabst was headquartered in Texas until about 18 months ago. They announced the plan to move headquarters when they started looking for a new president. Milwaukee made a pitch and lost. When we can’t even get a beer company to come to Milwaukee it is time to rethink our tax structure.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Nice knowledge Joe. I agree – very sad for Milwaukee to make a pitch and lose.

  4. ace Says:

    In the last month WI has lost United Technologies, the American Bowling Congress, the candy raisin company and will soon lose Miller Brewing headquarters. With the current anti business Supreme Court, executive and legislative branches it won’t be long before UW moves to Chicago or San Antonio. Wisconsin, long the nation’s leading brewing state, will have as its largest state headquartered brewery–Sprecher or maybe Lakefront. We still have several #1s to our credit. #1 in out of wedlock births, brandy consumption, and sauerkraut production. New motto for license plates will feature a cabbage head with the motto “America’s Krautland”

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