Packer Free Agency Inactivity Hard to Predict?


So says Tom Silverstein in today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “The level of inactivity the Green Bay Packers have shown the past five weeks might be the least predictable aspect of the National Football League’s free-agency period thus far.”

I am perplexed. How was this not predictable? Last year, the Packers were coming off an 8-8 season and did virtually nothing in free agency. This year, the Packers are coming off a 13-3 season and while they lost Brett Favre it’s clear that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy believe that Aaron Rodgers is a capable replacement.

If we know anything about Ted Thompson right now, it’s how little regard he has for free agency. He says he’s not averse to going there to add key players at key times, but he’s done it only a couple times — Charles Woodson comes to mind — and even then only after the price on those free agents has come down a bit.

You want hard to predict? How about the Washington Redskins, who have spent lavishly for the past several years on big-name agents and did virtually nothing this year. That is surprising. But the Packers’ inactivity in free agency not only wasn’t surprising it was, to borrow a phrase, entirely predictable.


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