Run by Anti-American Communists


No, not really. (It is Madison, though, so it’s entirely possible).

It’s April Fool’s Day and as of 8:30 AM CST, you can go here to see an oversized “BREAKING NEWS” banner headline that reads: “BRETT FAVRE’S BACK.” Click through and you see a photo of…wait for it…Brett Favre’s back.

An anonymous source close to Favre said, “That’s definitely my husband’s back. That No. 4 really gives him away from behind.”

Favre was up-front about his back. “Only when my offensive line fails do defensive linemen get to see my posterior side. So back off. But I’m not coming back.”

Some people were taken aback by his comments. But Favre wouldn’t back down.

“I have the backing of my family and friends,” he said after mowing his lawn in Kiln, Miss., for the third time today.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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