Funniest Search of the Day


Being relatively new to this blogging this, one of the best features we get is a report on what Internet searches drove people to PackerGeeks. As we’ve previously noted, we get a couple each day for “Larry McCarren and Pinky” or something similar. But I may have a new favorite: “best facial hair for a fat man.”

I’m not sure which post drew this person in and as far as I know there is no picture of me or (a much slimmer) Andy on the site.

UPDATE: Reader J. Lach reports that this post came up fourth on a Google search. Interesting. It didn’t appear on my Google search at all.

UPDATE II: Best new searches today? “bottom grief answer pabst” and “the mayonnaise ingredients conspiracy”

One Response to “Funniest Search of the Day”

  1. jlach Says:

    I tried it. Here’s the post:
    Listed fourth on a Google search.

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