NFL rule-makers are bored, very bored


I don’t mind the NFL cracking down on wild behavior and making sure that the NFL is not disgraced by a few poor behaving individuals. It makes sense to have tough consequences for unacceptable behavior and my hope is that it would serve as a deterrent.

However, making players cut their hair to a certain length is positively ridiculous. It is an unnecessary rule – there is no reason I can think of that this would be needed. In fact, I think a solid argument could be made that some of the longest haired players are the very same ones who best embody what the NFL likely wants to stand for: hard-working, committed, rule-abiding atheletes (Al Harris, Atari Bigby, Troy Polamalu, Mark Gastineau).

Bigby was quoted yesterday saying this is ridiculous and frankly, I’m not sure what he’d do if he were told he had to cut it. As many know, he is a rastafarian who grew up in Jamaica and contended last night on TMJ 4 news that it would be against his religion to cut his dreads. There are others too who I’m sure would rather not cut their hair. It just doesn’t make a difference at all and I can’t think of any reason to enforce such a rule. In a sense, this may be a case of Goodell getting power-happy – kind of like the retail store manager who starts out as a lowly employee at $6 and hour and works her way up to assistant manager, then manager at which time she gets to wear the colorful, circular key chain thing around her arm and make arbitrary decisions based on her belief that her she now can do anything with her newfound position of power.

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