Favre’s greatest moments…nicely done


USAToday put out this list of Favre’s greatest moments. It is well done (as is often the case at USAToday) and it makes me miss Favre already.

It also made me think about the greatest moment I can remember in Favre’s career. There were so many that it is nearly impossible to single one out. The Super Bowl, Oakland game, Denver game and the many Bears games triumphs come to mind. But one play forever sticks out in my mind. It may have been the most beautiful pass I’ve ever seen. It was at the end of a game in Detroit against Detroit, probably mid-90s and I believe it was in the playoffs or to get to the playoffs. The pass traveled about 60-70 yards in length when you consider he threw the pass from the left side of the field to the right corner of the end zone. Sterling Sharpe ran under the perfectly thrown ball with just enough space to get 2 feet down for the winning touchdown.

I’ll think of others, but that play comes to mind often when I think of Favre. What are your favorite Favre moments?


3 Responses to “Favre’s greatest moments…nicely done”

  1. lostinutah Says:

    The three times I got to see him play in person – twice at GB (first time, the year we won the Super Bowl, then again this year, NFC Championship) and at Minnesota (2nd Super Bowl year for Brett).

    I think I was good luck for him, eh?

    None of these were “memorable” in his performance but they were for me.

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    Same for me. Probably my best memory of Brett Favre was when they played in Minnesota during the 2006-2007 season. My dad got tickets from a friend so we were right behind one of the end zones about 10 rows up. And we got to see a Brett Favre TD pass very close up because of that. But I don’t remember the pass as much as I remember his celebration. He comes running over and his jumping on people, banging people’s helmets and just acting like he’s a kid who just scored his first TD ever. And that is what always made him unique – the enthusiasm he had. There are a lot of passers who have better technique and better decision making skills, but it was that enthusiasm and desire to win that set Brett Favre apart and made him into a game changer.

  3. RayMidge Says:

    That pass to Sharpe (in the wild card game of the playoffs) was so great because it was the moment when it became apparant that Favre was special. I grew up watching with envy first Montana, then the Elway and Marino years and thinking “why can’t the Pack stumble on to a QB like that?”. And in that play, when he went for the win instead of scrambling for the first down (when he let go of the pass my first reaction was “whaaaaa?”) and there was a grinning Sharpe just waiting for it. Wow, we have one of “those guys”!! I can only compare it to a moment that will be obscure for most GB fans, but holds a similar place in my memory as a Yankees fan . In the 1995 Yankee playoff loss to the mariners when Mariano Rivera, who was unknown at the time, emerged as a force of nature. I have always held the two together in my mind as the best spoprts has to offer.

    Besides that moment, there are two more I always think of. The 2001 game against the Ravens when he absolutely shredded a defense that was one of the all-time greats. It was his finest regular season performance, non-monday Night division. The scond was the playoff win at San Francisco in 1995 to advance to thier first NFC champ against the cowboys. It’s hard to remember what a big upset that was at the time.

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