Packers Were Actually Chillar’s Last Choice


Two new articles suggest that Tom Silverstein got it wrong when he reported that Brandon Chillar took less money to come to Green Bay. Silverstein’s source was Chillar’s agent, though in rereading the agent’s comment he seems to have said that Chillar could have gotten more than he took from the Packers — not that he had gotten a better offer than the one he got from Green Bay.

In fact, reading this article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and this one from the Arizona Republic, you get the impression that Chillar would have preferred to have ended up in either of the other places. In the first, headlined “Chillar Would Have Preferred to Stay with Rams,” Chillar tells a reporter that “of course” he would have stayed with the Rams if the money they were offering had been similar to the Packers. “I told them that from the beginning.”

In the second article, Kent Somers reports that the inability of the Cardinals to rework Larry Fitzgerald’s contract to gain salary space cost them a shot at Chillar. “According to several league sources, Arizona was Chillar’s first choice, but the Cardinals don’t have the cap space to sign him because [Larry] Fitzgerald’s contract has not been finalized.”

Okay, so contrary to Silverstein’s report, Chillar did not turn down a bigger offer to come to the Packers, but it appears that he would have rather played in either St. Louis or Arizona. Chillar basically says as much to the Arizona Republic.

“One year, $1 million,” Chillar said of the Rams offer “It just wasn’t cutting it. That made me think that they had very little interest.”

He added: “I think (the Cardinals) just had some in-house issues that they’re trying to get fixed; that they were going through with the (Larry) Fitzgerald deal and everything like that…Once Green Bay offered this kind of contract, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. You can’t wait forever.”

I don’t fault a guy for wanting to get paid, but suggestions that he was willing to sacrifice to play here — whether they come from his agent or from a reporter who misunderstood what his agent was saying — are nonsense.


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