The Pack in Iraq


Balad, Iraq — So I’m having breakfast yesterday at a mess hall in Balad, Iraq, when I look up and staring back at me is Mark Tauscher. Not really Mark Tauscher, but Tauscher on a poster in a Green Bay Packer display case on the wall. It was one of several NFL displays set up at the mess hall to boost morale. It worked for me. Tauscher was featured on a poster that showed Mike Wahle, Marco Rivera, Chad Clifton and Mike Flanagan standing on or in front of a road-grader. The bottom of the poster reads: “Paving the Way.”

The display also had a Packer pennant, covers of two gameday programs (including one from the win over Seattle in the playoffs a couple years back), a 2004 team photo, and a huge, white #87 David Martin jersey.

It’s cool, though all of the stuff is outdated.

I know the Packers do a lot for charity and I think this display and others like it in Iraq, gives them another opportunity. They should donate some new stuff for Packer-supporting troops in Iraq.


One Response to “The Pack in Iraq”

  1. PackSmack Says:

    Agree that Iraq should be claimed as official Cheesehead territory.

    (On another note, OUTSTANDING piece in the Weekly Standard; absolutely earth-shattering. Is it possible for me to email you somewhere regarding the topic you covered? If so, can you somehow communicate an email address to me so that I could? The Packer Geeks is not the forum for such a discussion.)

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