Gus Frerotte – seriously?


Wow, just as I was beginning to think TT may know what he’s doing, he goes out and asks Frerotte to visit. Check out Bedard’s article this morning.

I know the Packers need to think about picking up someone, but this is ridiculous. I believe it was our frequent commenter Raymidge who pointed out that for the first time in a long time, Packer fans will actually have to accept that we now must enter the Horrendous Veteran QB sweepstakes (Brock Berlin, Todd Bouman, AJ Feeley, Griese, Brad Johnson, Jamie Martin). Maybe I’m just in denial re Favre still and maybe Frerotte may not be the worst option out there. Considered that – no, the truth is Frerotte has to be about the worst option out there.

Last year, Frerotte threw 7TDs and 12INTs for a 58.3 QB rating. His career stats are equally unimpressive: 102 TDs 91 INTs for a lifetime 74.3 rating. He is a 15 year veteran who has virtually no upside. Having Quinn Gray as a back-up would be considerably more appealing to me as at least Gray has “potential” to do some things well. Even Kerry Collins, who despite plenty of bad decision making, still has a decent arm.

Also, remember, Frerotte once got a concussion as a Redskin by banging his head against the wall after a game.


8 Responses to “Gus Frerotte – seriously?”

  1. BratsNBeerGuy Says:

    I’m with you. Thinking about any of those cast-offs and coulda-beens in a Packer uniform gives me the willies. If they do sign someone like Frerotte, Ted better draft a rookie who’ll make #2 on the depth chart. I’m still hopeful, though, a deal for Gray of some other younger guy comes though.

  2. Trav Says:

    Ugh, this is going to be painful. I thought the realization of a new QB wouldn’t hit me until the first regular season game next year, but with this post and your joke post about Jeff George, that has all come crashing down. Pretty soon I will be talking myself into Randy Wright being the best option for our starting QB, just like in high school.

  3. register_allocation Says:

    Frerotte once got a concussion as a Redskin by banging his head against the wall after a game.

    1) It wasn’t after a game, it was during a game (a TD “celebration”)
    2) He sprained his neck. AFAIK, there were no reports of concussion.

    linky goodness

  4. awhayes Says:

    register (??) –

    1) thanks for your correction.
    2) doesn’t change my opinion of the guy
    3) not sure what AFAIK means

  5. lostinutah Says:


  6. register_allocation Says:

    ‘ra’ is fine as an abbreviation for my nick.

    1) Your welcome
    2) I would grade self-inflicted injury during the game at least a little worse than one after the game, but not enough to make a major issue of it.
    3) As Far As I Know

  7. Umpiremark Says:

    very few people realize that Teddy is bad at this, very bad. We all seem to give Teddy a pass on being really terrible at GM for one reason or another. Seriously, with Brady Quinn sitting on the table and the Browns offering everything and anything to get back into the first round, Teddy passed? Look at the deal the Cowboys made. And Teddy explained it away saying he didn’t want to mortgage the future? And followed that up by picking a one-armed injured player he could have gotten in the third round anyways? Now, he wants to add Gus “I haven’t played in 3 years” Frerote? Seriously? Teddy strikes me as the kind of guy who goes to St. Vinney’s and buys a 1970’s suit for $5 and admires himself and how much money he saved. Teddy is the next Braatz and he is really bad at this. Let’s stop giving Teddy a pass for all the dumb moves he’s made before it’s too late.

  8. Joe Says:

    Yeah, I hear ya umpiremark. All his dumb moves are just killing us. Stupid Charles Woodson; stupid Ryan Grant; stupid Donald Lee; stupid AJ Hawk; stupid Atari Bigby; stupid Ryan Pickett; stupid Gregg Jennings; stupid Chiller. I mean with these kinds of trades, draft picks and free agents the stupidity of TT is obvious.

    It’s a miracle that they let us play in the NFL these days with this crappy team.

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