Packers looking at Quinn Gray


Read here from jsonline, re Packers taking a looking at Quinn Gray. It’s funny, my gut reaction to this was “he’s not a bad player”. But a couple seconds later my thought was “crap, the quarterback market must be thin”. Then I thought “please come back Favre”.

Rodgers may be able to step in but now more than any time in the last 17 years, it is imperative that the Packers find some quality at back-up. I could have seen Brunell as a Packer a few years ago in his career, but now he seems washed up and injury prone. Though, signing a player like Brunell as the 3rd stringer might be helpful in that he could provide some valuable guidance for Rodgers.

But looking at Quinn is interesting for several reasons. First of all, he did fill in pretty well for Garrard last year and seemed to have poise, especially on the road. Secondly, he’s a big guy and hard to bring down. But perhaps most interesting is the fact that he likely wouldn’t just be brought in as a back-up camp guy. He’s young enough and talented enough to presumably battle Rodgers for the starting job. I’ll say it again, while Rodgers should be considered the #1 guy right now (in part because he’s the only guy right now), he shouldn’t just be handed the starting job. We need to make sure we are starting the best quarterback we possibly can come September.

(Trade for Pennington).

UPDATE: Steve writes: Don’t trade for Pennington.


3 Responses to “Packers looking at Quinn Gray”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Besides missing how much fun it was to just watch Favre play, the biggest drawback as a fan about his retirement is having the consider all of the flotsam jetsom that annually circulates around the NFL disguised as QB’s. I loved being able to ignore any news about where Jeff George, Jeff Blake, Vinny Testaverde et al would end up, simply because we always had #4. I really hope that Rodgers turns out to be viable for this reason as much as any.

    I’ve seen Gray play a few times in preseason etc… Seems like a decent candidate to be a backup. Pennington is less than ideal, but is a guy who does some things very well. I suspect the Pack will draft a QB at some point this year, probably a mid-round, to develop. I have no idea who this might or should be. Andre Woodson is the only QB who I hold any regard for coming out in the draft, and he will be likely be gone long before it makes sense for the Pack to draft him.

    We’re back on the carousel and I already feel a bit queasy.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    ps. my apologies for the grammar of the first sentence above. I meant . . . ah, you know what I meant.

  3. Matthew Curran Says:

    Don’t look at Q.Gray look at some like Jake Plummer or maybe D.Carr from were i live CAROLINA MAYBE they could get one in the draft but i think the Packers should go DT in the draft and try to move up and get D.Levens From the # 1 Ranked LSU Tigers but ya ANYBODY but Q.Gray &/or A.Brooks

    Vote Ralph Nader for 2008 USA President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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