“I Can Still Play, I Just Don’t Want To”


Brett Favre was emotional as he announced his retirement this afternoon. Greg Bedard has lots of details and there will be video/transcript over at Packers.com.

The first question he took involved an issue we’ve kicked around a bit here. Will he unretire?

He didn’t answer directly. If I had been watching a politician answering a question about whether he might seek higher office, the lede might be: He did not rule it out.

But Favre isn’t a politician. And watching as the press conference continued, I got the impression that Favre is very comfortable with his decision. Although he was quite emotional as the session began, he regained his composure the longer he spoke and gave very rational, thoughtful answers about his decision to retire.

“Believe me, I’ve questioned the decision. I think it’s the right decision.”

UPDATE: On ESPN News, Darren Woodson and Mark Schlereth had just the opposite view. They both argued that Favre seemed to leave the door open to a return quite deliberately, given that he refused to rule it out twice in response to questions. Interesting.

UPDATE: The PFT guys think he’s done for good. “Above all else it was clear it was final.” Their whole post is worth reading.


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