Gut reaction to Favre press conference


Well, I have only been able to watch parts of the press conference due to questionable technology at work. Obviously not too pleased re this. But from what I have seen:

*It appears to be a firm retirement. When he said he just doesn’t “want” to anymore, that really signaled the end for me. It was a decision that both Brett and Deanna made together – which is sensible. One of the most telling comments to me was Deanna stating pretty clearly that she will not be around nearly as much for her charity work and that neither will be up there for the annual softball game. This speaks to me of 2 people who are simply exhausted.
*Favre’s exhaustion isn’t just dealing with expectations of Packer fans, but of the NFL. He IS the NFL and though he’s been relatively quiet about it over the years, he has had a tremendous amount of pressure on him simply because the NFL surely wanted him to keep playing.
*Brett Favre is highly underrated in the intelligence category. I know he plays jokes on people and may say some stupid things out of the public eye, but in public, he is one of the very rare people who manages to avoid saying dumb things…ever. At the same time, he still manages to actually say something. Explained: so many athletes just say cliche crap and give us nothing as far as insight or interesting info. Favre manages to say more than most athletes without ever getting trapped into saying something regrettable or stupid. One of the only other players I know like this is Mark Tauscher (who, by the way, is brilliant).
*I detected a fairly strong sense of Favre being settled already with this decision. He may have flare ups where he gets a burning desire to be back out there, but he came across quite firm and OK with his decision.
*As he often has, Favre alluded again to the fact that the bulk of his weekly work begins after games on Sundays – the full week of preparation, the working out etc. Well, Dan Needles made a great point on the D-List this morning when he shamelessly admitted that he’s been trying to work out now for 5 years and can’t do it. (Me too – Steve, how are you doing in the fat contest we’re having?) I think the larger point is that most people can’t keep any sort of a workout regimen up for 2 months, much less years. So, it’s extra understandable to me that a 38-year old whose been beaten up on the field for over 24 years or so now would just want to relax and not work out for a while – in fact the sound of that is appealing to me as I write (wait, I haven’t been working out for months anyway).

I am really going to miss this guy. Who else would come to the site of what surely would be perhaps the most emotional thing he’s ever had to do, without notes. One the the things we’ve always loved about him is his ability to be real in a world where there is unbelievable pressure to be fake (think other athletes and cliches and politicians and newscasts and pretending to like coworkers…). He is a class act through and through and he has really served the organization well.

Favre – because I know you’re a faithful reader of, if you get bored in retirement and decide to play a Wisconsin round of golf – just shoot us an email…


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