More NFL free agency thoughts…rumors


I agree with Steve in that there do no seem to be many solid free agent options – mostly overrated re-treads. I want to address some rumors floating around.

Rumor #1) Randy Moss. Last year, brother Steve and I were worlds apart on picking up Moss. I said yes, he said no way. Obviously, he was totally wrong. I still think Moss would be a helpful addition to the Packers. I’ll say it again, just what I said last year: imagine Greg Jennings as a #3 receiver and James Jones as a #4…imagine that. Nobody could stop our pass game – nobody. Just sign him for a year. Now, while we have a good receiving corps right now, championship teams are often ones that take the time/expense to upgrade areas that may appear to be fine (like TT did with Crosby this year). That said, if Moss commands too much money or is just surfing the free agent market to help his Patriots negotiations, I wouldn’t give up too much to get him. (Also, there are some other receivers who may be good additions like AZ’s Bryant Johnson, or Larry Fitgerald even if it costs a ton of money – both would make us even more dangerous in the air).

Rumor #2) Jeremy Shockey. I have only seen this floated here and there (that the Pack may take a look at him). This is a tough one but my gut tells me don’t mess with this guy. I said last year that the Giants improved when he got hurt probably because Eli didn’t feel pestered by an annoying moron all the time. But he is quite a good receiver and something tells me, his attitude problem would not fly in Green Bay with Favre and he’d know that. Still, I’d lean no here because I just don’t like him. (However, a signing like this may entice Favre into coming back).

Rumor #3) Jason Taylor. Now he’s a guy I wouldn’t mind picking up. We could move Jenkins inside (or bench him in favor of Jolly) with Pickett. Having Kampman and Taylor on the ends could be a fairly disruptive duo. He also would add a respected veteran presence which I am beginning to feel like the Packers need.

Rumor #4 (a rumor I’m starting)) Warrick Dunn. Rumor has it he is on his way out of Atlanta now that they have signed Michael Turner. He would be a tremendous 3rd down/platooning back addition, but more importantly he would bring a highly respected, veteran locker room presence. How great would it be to let Grant, Jackson (maybe Wynn) develop under the watchful eye of a classy veteran like Dunn? I know he’s 33 and he’s not what he used to be, but sometimes, putting key veterans on the team can really help. Veterans are smart, experienced and often have insight into the tendencies of other teams (which is partially why McCarthy is so brilliant for working hard to get Favre’s input during games). He fits the new Packer mold of high character…big-time.


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