Corey Williams, Good Riddance


During his introduction as the newest member of the Cleveland Browns yesterday, Corey Williams said: “I wanted out of Green Bay.” Which, as Greg Bedard points out, is exactly the opposite of what he was saying six weeks ago.

I guess he could be sore about being franchised, but is that enough to justify this kind of a change? Williams was a good player and he was very productive over the past two years. I think he could continue to do well in Cleveland. But I also think there is a huge Cletidus Hunt possibility for a guy who had developed the reputation of playing either extremely well or being somewhat lazy.

Either way, if he wanted out, I’m glad he’s gone.

One Response to “Corey Williams, Good Riddance”

  1. register_allocation Says:

    I thought his comments make him sound kinda… needy:

    I feel like I am wanted [in Cleveland]. It feels like home to me [snip] I already feel like I got the love that I have been looking for. [snip] [A]s soon as I walked through the door I felt the love. They were welcoming me and it made me feel like I was at home.”

    Maybe he’s just sucking up to the Cleveland media, the Browns and their fans?

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