Mendenhall would be a great Packer


This is a post I meant to put up last year after watching Rashard Mendenhall dismantle the Badgers. I know it won’t happen as we’re more likely to draft for other positions. But if there is one player in this draft who will be an NFL impact player right away, it is Mendenhall. McFadden is awfully good too, but I have a feeling he will be Grant Hill-like in his inability to stay on the field. Too wirey a build to avoid injury in the NFL. But Mendenhall is solid, shifty, fast, smart and a good receiver. If the Packers had the tandem of Grant and Mendenhall (and were creative enough to sometimes put them in the backfield at the same time – I’ve always wondered why more teams don’t do this), defending us would become even more difficult. The guy is gifted and someday will be a household NFL name.

One Response to “Mendenhall would be a great Packer”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Ray Rice is another guy who may be had a little later in the draft but can be a real impact player for the right team. Scouts,Inc are comparing him to Maurice Jones Drew because of his size and production/toughness.

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