Ranking the Fantasy Football Rankings


One things we’re going to do more, perhaps in a separate section if we can figure out this internet website thing, is write about fantasy football. This is not because we claim to have any special expertise — in fact Andy has never been in a FFL league — but because I spend a lot of time looking at this stuff and it’s easier to justify doing that if I think others might read it, too.

With that in mind, and with our devotion to (obsession with?) accountability, check out this post at the New York Times’ football blog, Fifth Down. It is a ranking of the various fantasy football preseason rankings last year. The author is a young woman who calls herself the Fantasy Football Librarian and keeps her own blog under that name. (Seriously, how many marriage proposals do you think she has gotten over the lifetime of her blog?) If you want to see which of the preseason rankings are worth checking out again, give it a click.

She also directed me to this article, which discusses the relative health of NFL teams last year and concludes that the Packers were the healthiest. Their number of “games missed” seems low to me, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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