Sean Salisbury fired – Steve, your request granted


Read here about the recent termination (or non-re-signing) of ESPN’s “analyst” Sean Salisbury. ESPN decided not to renew his contract. Of course to Steve and I, this comes as no surprise at all. The bigger surprise for us is that he lasted 12 years at ESPN. He is not insightful, makes ridiculous statements simply for the sake of being extreme or “provocative” and he’s a moron. I don’t like bashing someone when perhaps they’re going through a hard time, but I don’t feel so bad about doing it to Salisbury because he doesn’t seem to be too worried himself: “my résumé speaks for itself as a football analyst, and I believe I can talk all sports with the best of them”.

Good luck with that…Steve, you’re going to have find a new analyst to rip on now.

UPDATE: Click here for more on Sean Salisbury, a “No Talent Ass-Clown,” and

2 Responses to “Sean Salisbury fired – Steve, your request granted”

  1. Trav Says:

    Personally, I can’t believe that he made it through the cell phone incident a few years ago. I think ESPN should do a spring house cleaning and get rid of a bunch of their “analysts” along with their game commentators, most notably, Dick Vitale. Being a huge college hoops fan, his presence is instantly irritating, to the point that I watched the Memphis-Tennessee game on Saturday with the sound way down. Sorry, ranting about the wrong sport!

  2. euandus2 Says:

    I listened to one of the ESPN football analysts this morning make statements like “it is good to be ready for the playoffs.” Is this analysis? I’m surprised he didn’t say “It feels good to win.” really???


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