For NFL Addicts


The Super Bowl is ancient history. The Pro-Bowl is a distant memory. The much-hyped NFL combine ends today.

What is an NFL addict to do?

We’ve got two suggestions. The first, head to on a regular basis (see blogroll). The guys at PFT post several times a day at their aptly-named “Rumor Mill” and it’s a good place to for news and a lot of stuff that will turn out to be untrue. (That’s especially the case whenever they try to gin up some kind of controversy, like they did with the Packers alleged attempts to injure Adrian Peterson.) Just read their posts with a 40 lb. bag of water softener salt and you’ll be okay.

The other, better suggestion, is It is one of my favorite football websites any time of year — yes, I’m a dork — but it’s especially helpful in the weeks leading up the NFL draft this April. You can review past NFL drafts in virtually any conceivable way you’d like to — by team, by player, by position, by school, etc. Want to review Mike Sherman’s drafts? Easy. Want to compare those drafts to Ted Thompson’s? Not a problem. They also have a good listing of the top prospects for this year’s draft, by position, complete with biographical information and college stats.

Check it out.


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