Chicago Bears – what are you thinking?


Fortunately for Packer fans, the Bears continue to make unbelievable decisions re the quarterbacks they keep on their roster. Grossman was just re-signed to a one year contract and apparently Orton will also be signed to a one year contract. Read about it here.

Someone high up in the organization is stubbornly refusing to give up on Grossman. This is so foolish. The Bears got to the 2007 Super Bowl because of Devin Hester, a quality defense and a good bit of luck. They also got there despite Grossman. They weren’t then nor are they now, a very good team. One glaring upgrade they have needed for years is a quarterback who can come in and be a bit more than competent. Despite Orton’s 12-6 record, sometimes a team needs to just start fresh and the Bears would be best served by cutting all 3 of their quarterbacks and just starting over with different players. Sort of like Brian Billick in Baltimore – sometimes there just comes a time when a person’s welcome has worn out. While re-signing Orton isn’t a heinous mistake (it is still a mistake), re-signing Grossman is a huge mistake and having the two compete to start may mean several more years of Bears quarterback mediocrity.

If I were a Bears fan (I thank God to this day for my grandfather who never would have let this happen even if we lived in Illinois), I would be so ticked off right now. They have an aging defense that is riddled with injuries every year. They got rid of the better running back in Thomas Jones last year and now have zero run game. Their star linebacker has back problems and their other star linebacker is leaving via free agency. They have Devin Hester, but it’s only a matter of time before someone finally flattens hims and he then is injured. And, the team management just continues to make poor personnel decisions.

The Bears could be 3-13 next year.

3 Responses to “Chicago Bears – what are you thinking?”

  1. PackSmack Says:

    Translation: The Bears Still Suck.

  2. register_allocation Says:

    Check out this list of Bears Quarterbacks going back to 79. Clearly there’s something about working for the Bears that destroys your ability to identify a quality QB.

  3. Jerry Angelo Is My New Favorite Person » Brats & Beer Says:

    […] to disagree with the esteemed packergeeks, I would be thrilled at this news if I were a Bears fan. At least Angelo didn’t hamstring the organization by blowing a bunch […]

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