KAHMbine or cumBINE?


One of the funnier aspects of listening to Sirius NFL Radio is getting to hear Solomon Wilcots rather, um, unique use of the English language. In response to virtually everything said by anyone at anytime on any program, Wilcots says, “No doubt” or some version of that phrase. It’s hilarious. Anyway, his latest is to call the testing and interviewing taking place these days the NFL Cum-BINE. And he pauses after each time he says it, as if he knows it’s wrong but just can’t correct it. Amusing.

Anyway, this report from the cum-BINE has some interesting stuff in it. Darren McFadden had a workout more impressive than Adrian Peterson’s was last year. As a writer for NFL.com put it: “With a 4.33 time in the 40, the second-fastest of any player here, McFadden elevated himself to elite draft status. He is likely a top-5 pick, if not higher.” I’m not sure how, exactly, he could go higher than a Top-5 pick — maybe he could be taken before the draft, -1 — but it is impressive.

On the other hand, Michigan WR Mario Manningham was unimpressive (4.59 and 4.62 for a guy regarded as a speedster) and there’s talk of him sliding in the draft. I’m not sure where he’ll bottom out, and WR is certainly the last position the Packers need to draft at this point, but depending on how long he stays on the board, it might be tempting to snag him. He was projected as a potential first round pick before the combine and he’s got the college numbers — and highlights — to justify such a grade. He’ll get a chance to run again on Michigan’s pro-day, so his 40 times may improve. If not, and if he were to fall to, say, the third round, the Packers would have to consider him. He’ll be a player.


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