Thompson on Favre


Rob Reischel has a blog post on Ted Thompson’s media appearance in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. According to the article, Thompson denied that Favre was upset that he hadn’t heard from Thompson earlier, but then said: “I just called to make sure he was doing fine, make sure he and I were OK. And we are.”

Two quick thoughts. That comment suggests to me that there might have been some truth to reports that Favre was upset. So Thompson may not have been exactly straightforward.

On the other hand, if Favre was really upset that Thompson hadn’t been calling him, that’s weak. Favre is the one making the decision — he can call Thompson anytime. I can understand Favre wanting a little extra love from Thompson, something Thompson has seemed a little reluctant to show publicly for some reason. But this feels like junior high school, not the NFL.

Favre should make a decision soon. I had been confident he was coming back, but like many others, the time he’s taken in making a decision raises doubts. I agree with those who say Favre has earned the right to take his time. But he’s had that time.


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