Threats from your local weather guy


Have you noticed that whenever there is some sort of astrological or solar-system-type event coming (eclipses, meteor showers, Haley’s Comet), that your local weather guys change from being the nice, awkward-segue-guys to guilt-tripping threateners, as it were. Example, last night, we were informed not just about a lunar eclipse that was to take place between 9-10pm, but the emphasis of the whole message was that another such event won’t take place until 2010. The rather mole-looking weather guy actually walked toward the camera and turned threateningly serious at the moment he revealed we won’t be able to see this event again until 2010. I found myself meekly walking toward the east side of our house 10 minutes later to stare up into the sky because I found I just could not live with the guilt of missing this event and having to wait another 2 years.


One Response to “Threats from your local weather guy”

  1. euandus2 Says:

    What gets me is when a local weather “personality” promotes his or her program by teasing us with “snow in our future; more at 11.” That is, self-promotion rather than information.


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