The Corey Williams surprise


I have to admit, I am surprised that TT franchised CW. I think Williams is a heck of a player but I also felt like we have some other promising talent on the interior d-line area and it seemed TT was just going to let CW go. The more I think of it though, the more I guess it makes sense because TT and MM are very much character guys and I don’t think anyone can deny Williams’ loyalty to the Packers and his great attitude. One interview I saw with Williams after the last game was compelling to me as he expressed genuine lament when posed questions re possibly moving his football career elsewhere. He indicated several times he loved Green Bay and the Packers and he really wanted to stay. I didn’t get the sense at all that it was a ploy to encourage the Packers to get into a bidding war etc. It was the genuine understanding of what it is to be a Packer. For this reason alone, I’m glad he was franchised.

I’ll miss Bubba to some extent. He was a good Packer and I really believe he too enjoyed his time in Green Bay. I think his blocking may be missed in seasons to come, but he hasn’t been a big contributor for several years now. Franks was another of the players Mike Sherman favored so heavily and while he played decently for a couple seasons under Sherman, Sherman giving Franks the huge contract a few years ago may have contributed to Franks rapid decline (along with injuries).


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