Aaron Rodgers — Ready to Play


“I think Aaron Rodgers is ready to be the quarterback,” Mike McCarthy told USA Today. “He has more than matured in the time that I’ve been with him. He’s at the point where he needs to play.”

I’m not sure how you “more than mature” — I’m picturing Rodgers with gray hair and wrinkles — but this is a pretty serious endorsement.

I remain somewhat skeptical of Rodgers. Last summer, there was a wave of reporting coming out of training camp that Rodgers looked like a new man. I hope they’re right, of course, and he looked good in the Dallas game. But we’ll need to see more.

The biggest concern? He seems very prone to injury. He will be held to ridiculously high standards because he will be replacing Brett Favre. Staying healthy for two consecutive games is a good place to start.


One Response to “Aaron Rodgers — Ready to Play”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    He’s got all of the tools, he’s been given the advantage of experiencing what used to be the traditional grooming/learning period for a young QB and he has shown marked improvement over the past few pre-seasons and we saw in Dallas that it was no fluke. But the dustbin is full of guys who matched that description and simply didn’t have the intangibles, the make-up, whatever you want to call it, to be the QB of a successful team. We can never know until they are put in the position with no safety net. I don’t think he’s the next dynamic, great QB in the league (that’s Philly’s Kevin Kolb in my opinion), but he certainly can be an above average director of this offense . . . if he has the ability to stay in there.

    But no amount of optimism about Rodgers’ future prospects argues in favor of finding out any sooner than we have to. let’s get #4 back for at least one more go round.

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