Goodbye Corey Williams?


Pat Kirwan, former GM for the New York Jets and current analyst on Sirius NFL radio, writes that the decision of the Tennessee Titans to franchise tag Albert Haynesworth makes it even less likely that Corey Williams be in Green Bay next year. Haynesworth will get $6.36 million for the year, in effect jacking up the rates for other DTs. And Kirwan thinks that Williams, who had one more sack than Haynesworth last year, is now the best available.

Kirwan: “If Williams doesn’t get a deal signed before free agency starts on Feb. 29 — and Haynesworth is not his competition in free agency — Williams becomes the premiere tackle on the market, and that will make the Packers’ job very tough. The ripple effect of tagging Haynesworth, along with the reality of the Packers drafting Justin Harrell in the first round last year at Williams’ position, could make the ability to keep Williams close to impossible.”

One NFL personnel exec told Kirwan: “Whatever Williams was worth last September”it’s triple that now, and it can only get worse.”

The new regime has made clear that it will not overpay to keep productive, but replaceable players. We will know by Thursday if that group includes Corey Williams.


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