Wow, Cool


The guys over at have started something called the “Titletown Awards” for excellence in Packer-related websites. Those of you who read this website regularly — and are thus familiar with what we do — will be as surprised as we were to learn that we were nominated in the “Best Packer Blog” category. No, I’m not kidding.

My first thought upon clicking over there for this pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon was: PackerGeeks should create an award to recognize the best awards given out to Packer-related websites. Is there any question that the “Titletown Awards” would win? It occurred to us that some people might be paranoid enough to think that we were trying to influence the judges at, so we thought better of it.

I was surprised that we did not get nominated for the “Packer Fan Web Design Excellence 2008” Award. I mean, look around. We have “archives,” “categories,” and even a “blogroll.” We changed the color in our banner from blue to green/gold. That stuff doesn’t happen on its own, you know. Oh well, something to shoot for next year, right?

Anyway, thanks again to the crew for including us in a high-quality group. The others are: Brats and Beer, linked here for a while, and Railbird Central, and Packer Palace, which will be going forward.


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