Briggs, Wahle, Ted Thompson – thoughts


Ted Thompson has more than proven that his style and attitude toward free agency vs the draft is sensible and effective. It’s hard to argue with the results he and McCarthy have achieved this past year. It is also hard to argue against the fact that these results were achieved with young players, many of whom were drafted by the Packers.

However, I would argue that there were players who weren’t drafted by the Packers who contributed significantly last year: Donald Lee, Charles Woodson, Ryan Grant, Tracy White, Atari Bigby and Al Harris. While I’m coming around to TT’s overall philosophy, I still think there is room for some aggressive plays in free agency for the right player. Frequent commentor, if you will, (different from commentator, commentor is newly defined today as someone who comments on a blog), RayMidge makes a strong point re the possibility of making a play for Lance Briggs. I have already heard detractors to this idea saying he’ll be way too expensive, but I’m not so sure. The Pack has lots of extra money this year due to wise management, and Briggs is the kind of young player who may have a good number of years left in the NFL. He would replace a weak Poppinga at OLB (bringing much better tackling, playmaking and coverage abilities) and give us a suddenly scary linebacking unit. That would take pressure off an aging secondary and shore up our defense.

If I were TT right now, I’d be on the phone with Wahle and Briggs. While it’s great to have a young team and now a young team with major playoff experience, veterans are still important to a team’s overall chemistry and I think we could use a couple more contributing veterans on this team.


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