Mike Wahle cut – same with Dan Morgan


Interesting – read here about Carolina’s decision to cut these two.

Now, I am not sure I’m ready to start lobbying for us to pick up Morgan due to the likelihood that he and Aaron Rodgers would probably both be out for the year after shaking hands. However, when he has played in his career, he’s played at an extremely high level. I can’t help but think that he could learn Poppinga’s position and play it better than Poppinga for a year (and if he gets hurt, Poppinga can back up).

But it’s the Wahle cut that surprises me. I don’t know how he’s been doing down there or if there are injuries I am not aware of, but he was darn good with the Packers so I have a hard time believing he’d just be cut. (Just checked it out, no apparent injury and he started every game last year). Perhaps it’s a financial move. Either way, I will start lobbying hard for the Packers to pick up Wahle. Guard is a position at which the Pack struggles and bringing in a bright, agile, 10-year veteran with a big-body might help us get more of a push in the zone scheme than we seem to be able to get now. (And learning the zone scheme would like be easier for him as he’s smart and savvy). I also would bet he’d be excited to come back to Green Bay.


3 Responses to “Mike Wahle cut – same with Dan Morgan”

  1. MC Says:

    I think I remember reading McGinn quote a scout last season, who said Wahle looked to be getting older and maybe losing a step.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    Vets like this are always intriguing, and I trust TT will make a proper valuation of these guys’ worth, but it is the rare player who signs a big contract at the stage of their career that Wahle and Morgan are at that don’t turn out to be bad investments.

    Is there any reason, though, why Lance Briggs shouldn’t be a top priority? He would seem to be a perfect fit alongside Hawk and Barnett, and you hurt the Bears in the process. plus, he is closer to his prime than Wahle or Morgan, he might be an Adalius-Thomas-on-the-Pats type fit for the Pack.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Response to MC – he may well have lost a step, and jsonline points out that Wahle himself admitted to losing some strength after a labrum injury. However, I would still contend he would be a great match and an upgrade over what we have. His familiarity with Green Bay culture and Favre would be intangible advantages that few other free agents would possess.

    RayMidge makes a great point re Lance Briggs (though again, I think Wahle could be that rare player who could contribute). Briggs is a quality player and could very well fill the weakness at OLB – that would be an exciting linebacking corps with him there. And his age is attractive.

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