Did Pats Cheat in Super Bowl Upset?


This article in the Boston Herald reports that a Patriots employee videotaped the St. Louis pregame walkthrough before Super Bowl XXVI. If true, that’s a big deal. Especially because the Pats scored at one point in the first half when Ty Law jumped a route and returned the pick for a touchdown. Hmmm.

We’ve had our differences with the guys from Profootballtalk.com, but as I’ve noted before, when they’re good, they’re really good. And they’ve been good on this. Go here and keep scrolling.

In related news, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter is asking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell some tough questions on why the NFL destroyed the tapes the league confiscated from the Patriots earlier this year. Those questions are overdue, in my view, but does Arlen Specter have to be the one asking them? This advocate of Scottish law is an unbelievable blowhard who loves nothing more than being in the media spotlight. (He’s also sucked up to Syrian strongman Bashar Assad, but that’s another story.) So color me skeptical about his claim that the timing of his inquiry was coincidental. There’s a Super Bowl this week? Seriously?


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