Headed to the Super Bowl


Yes, I’m going despite the fact that I have to watch a team other than the Packers lose to the Patriots. I’ll try to check in a few times with whatever Packer news I can pick up or just funny stuff I see out there. Mike McCarthy was there and so are our fearless beat writers for JS Online. Does Greg Bedard drink Pabst? That’s the kind of reporting you’ve come to expect from PackerGeeks and I will do my best to deliver.

Also, does any else find it ironic that the Giants are now whining that the Patriots are a dirty team? The same Giants — and the same fans — who suggested the Packers were wimps for complaining about a few obvious cheap shots from the first game? Ah, short memories. And they have the advantage of still getting to talk since they beat us two weeks ago.

Feel free to leave Phoenix restaurant recommendations in the comments.

2 Responses to “Headed to the Super Bowl”

  1. PackSmack Says:

    The T-Bone Steakhouse (http://phoenixmountainhome.com/_wsn/page7.html), near SW 19th Ave/Dobbins has a hefty 20 or so ouncer that is memorable and not unnecessarily pricey. Unique, Old West feel. Great sweeping northerly-view of the valley (as it is on the southern edge). It would be (and is when I go down there) mandatory for me. A little off the beaten path, which might mean fewer Super Bowl fans to wait in line behind.

    Also, if you need Mexican, try Arriba Mexican Grill at several locations (http://phoenix.about.com/od/restreview/gr/arriba.htm). (The one off of Chandler Road is across the street from Hooters.) I ordered a triple-chili-hot item. Singed all the hair off my tongue and grew some new ones in other places. Paid for it for days. But man, was it good.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    Excellent recommendations. We went to the Arriba Grill yesterday for lunch. I got the Hatch Ranchera fajitas — three peppers. They were very good, though I did not think they were that hot. My perspective may not be the greatest — I love spicy food — and my wife thought they were pretty hot. All in all, good stuff, though. The T-Bone Steakhouse is on the short list for dinner tonight, though we’re leaning towards “Delux,” an upscale beer-and-burger joint. Thanks for the guidance.

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