Painful picture of Favre’s Pick


Click on this favres-pick.jpg for a larger view of some seriously missed opportunities. Oh well, while frustrated, at least I’m not Bob McGinn-frustrated with Favre (apparently). Comments on his Sunday article and season summary forthcoming.

6 Responses to “Painful picture of Favre’s Pick”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    Wow. Particularly the check-down back… there’s no one behind him for what, seven or ten yards, and they’re all running away from him.

  2. awhayes Says:

    I hear ya Bill. Looks like Grant, Jennings and Lee all had potentially huge gainers as the safeties weren’t in good positions either. Who knows, maybe it was just a play where Driver is supposed to get more separation and he was the first read. Still, I think it’s not overstating it to say if he completes a pass to any of the other 3, we very well could have marched down the field and scored.

  3. PackSmack Says:

    Favre did say that Driver’s route was supposed to be a shake route, but that Donald ran an out instead…

  4. register_allocation Says:

    Isn’t that pretty blantant offensive holding there just to Favre’s left? I guess that would be either Franks or Lee, since the OL is clearly identifiable.

  5. bob Says:

    after watching film it looked like farve never give the others a look and he wanted his bud driver open or not. also the long right thow is brets worse % thow. Still hurting

  6. bob Says:

    what is a shake route /

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