Still hungover from the Packer loss?


Snap out of it – take some Aleve! The offseason soap opera of wild speculation coupled with soaring anticipation is upon us and Packergeeks hopes to fuel it.

After a loss like Sunday, I have to admit it is hard for me to get my mind around the fact that we need to start thinking already about which players may be lost to free agency/which players we should draft. But we might as well start. Tom Silverstein did this morning in an article at Here’s a quick look at the 6 players mentioned in the article and Packergeeks’ thoughts:

*Corey Williams – he was a legit starter most of the year and fairly productive. While he’s good and valued, I don’t think he would be impossible to replace. One sad part about not re-signing him though, is that he loves Green Bay. I do remember after the game on Sunday watching as the camera showed him kneeling at mid-field seemingly absorbing the moment. After the Seattle game, when he came off the field, he raised his arms in the air, paused for a solid few seconds and again, almost absorbed the moment.
*Rob Davis – if he retires, we probably wouldn’t miss him tremendously on the field (though he has been good at his job for years), but he would be missed dearly in the locker room if he retired and left the organization. However, indications are at this point (not just from Silverstein, but elsewhere too), that he’ll stay on with the team in some capacity. This would be important especially considering that a few weeks ago the team pretty much agreed that he’s the locker room leader.
*Frank Walker – I’m not sure what to make of his performance. I don’t remember any poor games or any outstanding games. This indicates to me that he may not have been given much of a chance (as he indicates in the article). Frankly, pun intended, I think it was dumb to not have him active for the Giants game – whenever a player faces an old team, you HAVE to play the guy. That was not smart. Anyway, he may have been more of a special teams acquisition from the start and he probably could be replaced easily.
*Tracy White – he should be a major priority signing in the offseason. He is outstanding on special teams and sometimes I wonder if he could outplay Poppinga as a starter.
*Ryan Krause – I don’t know much re this guy except that at one point, he openly admitted he’s not good at, nor does he like blocking. Sounds like he may have worked on that this year. Unless we drop Franks and need another body, I’m not sure Krause needs to be a priority – Tory Humphrey had a good camp last year and was said to be an up-and-comer (I feel like an 80 year-old using an expression like that).
*Craig Nall – I doubt he’ll want to settle back into his 3rd string role (assuming Favre’s return), so it’s likely he’ll pursue free agency. However, if Favre does return, I think it would be nice for Favre to have him around – they apparently get along well. And, if I were Nall, it would be a no brainer to stay in Green Bay – making probably $700,000 to sit around, throw a ball here and there, play lots of golf, have ready access to the best fishing and hunting in the country, and be part of a 2008 Super Bowl team. Now, if Favre does retire, I would think Nall would want to stay if his goal is to actually play because Rodgers will probably last 14 seconds into his first game before another Paul Molitor-type injury.


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