Packer Bikini Girls?


Do you believe what some people will do to generate traffic to their website? Unreal? We would never just show the Packer Bikini girls to generate interest in Packergeeks.

On an unrelated note, we continue to be shocked at how much interest our musings on Larry McCarren’s pinky generate. Several people each day manage to find our site because they have searched for McCarren and pinky. So check out Larry McCarren’s pinky in this, um, interesting video.

UPDATE: Packergeeks reader “Rido” points out that Maxim magazine has made the Packer Bikini Girls their “girl of the day” today. I can’t believe Maxim would stoop to this level to boost web traffic.


5 Responses to “Packer Bikini Girls?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    The shame. The absolute shame…

  2. sfhayes Says:

    I know. You believe those guys?

  3. packsmack Says:

    Couldn’t find his pinkie. It wasn’t there. Watched it several times just to be thorough… 😉

  4. Brats & Beer » Packer Bikini Girls Wanted By MAXIM Says:

    […] packergeeks has posted a video of the Packer Bikini Girls appearing on Larry McCarren’s […]

  5. Rido Says:

    And now, named the ladies its “Today’s Girl(s)” on their homepage today:

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