Some Perspective on Favre, Please


The calls for Brett Favre’s retirement continue, coming mainly from people he’s given 17 years of enjoyment. Lots of these comments are emotional, coming as they do immediately after his interception helped bring an early end to the NFC Championship overtime. Let’s take a more sober-minded look.

Brett Favre was 4th in the NFL in overall passing yards. He was 4th in completion percentage. He was 4th in yards/game. He was tied for 6th in the NFL in touchdowns. He was tied for 6th in the NFL in passer rating. He was 6th in the NFL for pass completions over 20 yards. He was 1st in the NFL for pass completions over 40 yards.

Only one player who ranked in front of Favre in any of those categories played this weekend, Tom Brady. For all of the love Eli Manning is getting today – and he certainly played well last night – he was the 25th rated passer in the NFL this year, some 22 points behind Favre.

Favre led the Packers to a 13-3 record this year. And yes, he led the team — the youngest team in the NFL — to that record. That ties a franchise best.

Given his consistency, I would argue that Brett Favre was the second-best quarterback in the NFL this year. Others can dispute that. A good case could be made for Peyton Manning or Tony Romo behind Tom Brady. Either way, the numbers suggest he was no worse than the sixth best quarterback in the NFL.

And people really want him to retire?

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4 Responses to “Some Perspective on Favre, Please”

  1. jaxhawk Says:

    He can play until he is 40 and will still be a draw, and an contributor/

  2. Chris Donoghue Says:

    After watching the game and being completely shattered!!! I have spent the last few hours pondering the season that we had. Yes we lost in the the worst way, at home and in the cold, but what we all forget is that we are the youngest team in the NFL. There is so much upside. Young players now have playoff experience. Mr Mcarthy now knows what pressure is really like, and fans like myself can turn our attention to next year where the team is one year older and wiser. Whether Brett returns or not, the 2007 Packers have laid the foundations for an even more excitable 2008. Mr Rodgers will fit into the system because of a great young receiving core.

  3. Packer Fans, Unhinged « packergeeks Says:

    […] it was. It was for people like this that I decided to make the basic points about Favre that I made here. I won’t waste your time by reprinting here all of his feculent nonsense, but check out these […]

  4. lostinutah Says:

    Um, I don’t. At least for another year. Deanna, Britt and Breleigh, please share Brett with us one more year. Please.

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