One More, For Now


I’ve noticed there are several individuals at the JS Online blog calling for Brett Favre to retire because, in their view, “he lost the game” for the Packers. Favre did not play well tonight, but come on. You’ve got to be an incredible loser to post something like that.


5 Responses to “One More, For Now”

  1. Robert Says:

    No one predicted such a wonderful season. At the beginning, everyone thought 10-6 or even 11-5 might be possible and wild-card entry into the playoffs. As the season went on, people (even at Lambeau) credited Favre with much of the success of the passing game. He had taken leadership up one more notch. He had more control of his game. They went 13-3 and then shined against Seattle. This was much greater than our expectations. Be happy, this is a sort of success. We have a good coach and a good organization. We’ll be back next year.

  2. vikingsrule Says:

    Packers Suck ass as usual, I reveled in the frozen faces of the packer faithful, sitting hours past the game in utter ejection. Must be a sad day at the paper mill today!

  3. sfhayes Says:

    Good point. I hate sitting in utter ejection.

    On the other hand, Packer fans aren’t supporting a perennial loser, sitting in their homes late on a Sunday night waiting to post snarky comments on websites devoted to their rivals.

    Utter ejection, indeed.

  4. kayzee835 Says:

    Hey vikings rule

    Yet again your team was merely an afterthought, nothing more. And when they have gone to the big game, they are still winless. They are great at planning boat trips though!

    Packers have a great history of titles, you guys have nothing.

    Enjoy being irrelevant!!!!

  5. wisconsin@heart Says:

    Through the eyes of my 12-year-old who was lucky enough to attend the game with me: His heroes didn’t show up for this game. They looked beyond to New England because they apparently thought the Giants were easy pickings. To a boy, that’s inexcusable. How could they not put their all into this? His father tried to explain that sports psychology is a dicey, fluid notion. The men on that frozen field are human. But beyond that, here are his father’s observations: Mr. Favre is too old for the cold. Watch the Bears game. It was telltale to what would happen in any temperature under 10 degrees. He can no longer tolerate it. The running game was tried. The line just didn’t make any holes for Ryan Grant. Al Harris was in another world and it had nothing to do with covering a man 6 inches taller than he. But the bottom line: I’m not sure Coach McCarthy and staff had an offensive game plan to adjust properly. Hence, when the running game stalled, what happened to the quick slants that got us through the first 8 games? And when we won the coin toss in overtime, what kind of plan is a lame wide right route where you know, a cornerback is ready to pounce and return that for a TD (Remember Al, Seattle, OT a few years back??)

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