Packers “Perhaps More Complete Than the Patriots”


I don’t know if I agree with this assessment, but it’s hard to disagree with Cold Hard Football Facts, isn’t it?

The end-of-year numbers spoke volumes: the Packers ended up the most solid all-around team in the NFL, perhaps even more complete than the Patriots. Green Bay did not lead any of our nine Quality Stats. But they finished ranked between No. 3 and No. 7 and every single one of them. These highly consistent rankings told us that the Packers were a rock-solid team with no fundamental flaws.

Green Bay ended the season ranked an average of 4.56 (among 32 teams) in our nine Quality Stats — that’s just a micro-fraction behind the almighty Patriots, who topped four of nine Quality Stats and ended the season with an average rank of 4.44.

The Quality Stats indicators told us before the playoffs started that New England and Green Bay were the best teams in their respective conferences. They tell us this week, naturally, that both teams should hold serve at home.

They also tell us that, if both teams do win Sunday, Super Bowl XLII will be one hell of a game pitting the two teams that were clearly the statistical class of the league in 2007.


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