Halftime Thoughts


Well, the 90-yard touchdown to Donald Driver really seemed to energize the Packers, for obvious reasons.  Still, we’ve got to stop Plaxico Burress.  If I’m Mike McCarthy, my halftime adjustment is to double Burress on virtually every snap.  Or at least tell my safety to shade to his side of the field.  The Packers have done a very good job stopping the run, something that might have be give a little to give Harris help with Burress.

On offense, I’d keep feeding the ball to Ryan Grant and maybe throw in a few touches to Brandon Jackson.  Even though the Packers aren’t running the ball well, the runs at least keeps the defensive line guessing and if Grant can break off a mid-range run of, say, 20 yards, it will force the Giants defense to take runs more seriously.

Most important, the Packers cannot afford any mental lapses.  They seemed to be invigorated by Driver’s TD – the need to recapture that.


One Response to “Halftime Thoughts”

  1. Ross Buchberger Says:

    Al Harris AGAIN lost the game for Green Bay. His arrogance and sloppy play set the early tone with Burris….

    He gets beat. End of story.
    His poor play kept NY in the game.

    Why does everyone think he is so good.


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