One of the Best Sentences…Ever


This comes from an email from reader Ray Midge. This first sentence is a classic and the whole email is worth reading.

I’m a born and bred New Yorker (Yonkers) who has been a Packer fan beacuse of the guileless purchase of two random belt buckles about 30 years ago by my Irish immigrant mother who looked at nothing but the sale price. My brother is a Bengals fan. So as both a die-hard Packer fan and a New Yorker, all the charges against the NY media are accurate. That said, if it matters at all it is probably ultimately beneficial to the Pack. NY is buying the “hot team” bit without much regard for the mismatch of the actual players. When I have pointed out the likely impotency of the jints pass rush against the deep wr corps, extra protection and quick throws that the pack thrive on, I get mostly quizzical silence. The pack’s d-line is underappreciated by most, and completely unknown to the NY media. Corey Williams and Cullen Jenkins will be a revelation. They appreciate the sentimental value of the Favre angle, but seem completely oblivious to the fact that the best arm and guts the game as ever seen has also developed wisdom and patience. 37-17 GB. And I’ll save my Monday copy of the NYPost forever.


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