Save My Life, Buy Me a Beer


Those of us going to the game this weekend face a serious dilemma: To drink beer or not to drink beer. (Two Shakespeare references in one day!)

On the one hand, it’s going to be so cold that the last thing many of will want to do is suck down a few beers. It might make more sense to have some coffee or some hot chocolate or even some hot cider. On the other, it is the NFC Championship game and it’s at Lambeau Field…how can you not have a beer?

For those of you on the fence, this should prove decisive: A new study finds that beer prevents cancer.

“It’s very healthy. I think the ingredients in the beer are very good,” says Dr Werner Back, a brewing technology expert at the Technical University of Munich.

Xanthohumol contains more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E and some studies indicate it helps reduce oxidation of bad cholesterol, the newswire reported.

“Xanthohumol has been shown to be a very active substance against cancer,” says Dr Markus Herrmann, also of Munich. “It comes in small sticky beads, which you find within the hops.”

So if you see me wandering around Lambeau on Sunday wearing a bumper sticker or a t-shirt, save my life, buy me a beer.


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