To Hell with the New York media


Until last night, I was going into this Packers/Giants game just excited that two teams playing well would meet for an important game. Now, this game has taken on new meaning. Last night on local news coverage and also in several other stories, I learned that the New York sports talk media have been going off on Favre – saying they’re sick of him and he gets way too much attention (implying in their comments that Favre is not deserving of this kind of attention). If the statement were simply that Favre gets too much attention, I’d agree. He is very important to the NFL as a league and they do oversell him, no question (and I could see how people supporting teams quarterbacked by losers like Eli Manning would be frustrated by this.) But it was the vitriol, the pure anger these people had when making these comments that ticked me off. I find this reaction by the New York media, of all people, totally unacceptable. All year long the entire country has New York Yankee BS shoved down our throats, are incessantly told about the problems with Knick basketball, and in the general media, we’re all bombarded by everything New York from dumb sit-coms to lame coming-of-age movies. New York, for once, shut up and let the rest of us have our day. Just shut up.

(By the way, I’m enjoying having the time to think about my comments and then to write them out at my own pace. If I were saying these things as a caller to a New York sports talk show, I’m sure I’d be subjected to the East Coast Shot Clock = having 3 seconds to say what I want to say before being interrupted).


6 Responses to “To Hell with the New York media”

  1. Trav Says:

    It is just bitterness.

    Look at this “underwhelming” (my new favorite word after the Billick article) roster of QBs for the Giants:

    1994 – 1996 – Dave Brown
    1997 – Danny Kannell
    1998 – Danny Kannell/Kent Graham
    1999 – 2003 – Kerry Collins
    2004 – Eli Manning

    The Jets are equally pathetic, especially with names like Glenn Foley, Neil O’Donnell, Rick Mirer, etc.

    Personally, I think they are just searching for something because they know they are being taken to the woodshed on Sunday night and the “Eli face” will be in full form from the 1st quarter on.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Nice Trav – nice list of QBs. I agree with you re Sunday. I just hope the elements aren’t too bad because I think the Packers are a much better team. I agree re the Eli face – I think he is going to really struggle on Sunday. If he doesn’t, I’ll be the first to admit he may be a rising NFL talent – but my money is on a giant shank of a performance for him.

  3. Aaron Says:


    Reminds me of the famous Green Bay newspaper quote (can’t remember the writer) regarding Scooter McLean’s one season coaching the Packers, when the team went 1-10-1.

    “The Packers overwhelmed one opponent, underwhelmed ten, and whelmed one.”

  4. awhayes Says:

    hilarious quote…

  5. Bill Walsh Says:

    Wait, Steve, so you’re saying that New Yorkers are loudmouthed blowhards inexplicably angry about someone paying attention to something outside their parochial five-boroughs world? You’re insane, dude. What crazy libel will you toss about next, “Philadelphians hate life, themselves, and their sports teams”? Chicagoans have a massive inferiority complex to New York? St. Louis has a massive inferiority complex to Chicago? Where do you get these crazy stereotypes?!

  6. wiscodana Says:

    After reading the sports pages in NYC for the past 4 seasons, I think it’s safe to assume that the entire city is a giant fairweather fan. It was only weeks ago that there was a headline in the Post that said “Eli the Terrible” and now they are painting him to be the second coming. In all my years as a Packers fan, I’ve never seen the Wisconsin media turn on their team in such a dramatic fashion. I’m proud to walk around NYC with my Packers cap on. It makes it even easier that no one really even comments on it, because in the end, they don’t really care.

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