To Hell with the New York Media, Cont’d


Andy’s exactly right. It’s not just the local New York media. Most of the national media are based in New York City and their coverage often reflects this pro-New York bias.

There is no worse example of this than Sirius NFL Radio. Let me start by saying that I like Sirius NFL Radio. Overall, it’s a good product. I can get every game of every season on the radio, and can choose to listen to my home-team broadcast rather than the clowns the network assigns. Much of the commentary is smart and the interviews with coaches and players are priceless. It’s worth the subscriptions price alone.

However, it is so unbelievably pro-New York it is nauseating. Only one team of the 32 has its own “insider,” someone who gets a weekly spot to discuss the team. Who? The New York Jets. They tease the segments with Lisa Zimmerman as their “Jets insider.” In fact, of the 20 or so personalities, half have New York ties. Here are a few, with descriptions taken from the Sirius NFL Radio page. Carl Banks, “a tough, physical linebacker” who “won two Super Bowl rings playing for Bill Parcells’ legendary Giants teams of the late 80s and 90s.” Tiki Barber, a “two-time Pro Bowler” who “has rewritten the Giants record book.” Pat Kirwan, a former GM for the New York Jets. Dan Leberfeld, the founder of “Jets Confidential,” a “must read for Jets fan.” Bryan McGovern, former editor-in-chief of “Giants News Magazine,” and announcer for New York City radio station 1010 WINS where he covered “the Giants run to Super Bowl XXXV and the Yankees victory over the Mets in the 2000 subway series.” Bob Papa, the “play-by-play man for the Giants.” There’s also Steve Torre, the sports anchor at 1010 WINS, former Giants head coach Dan Reeves, and Giant superfan Adam Schein. Here’s the link.

Listeners are subjected to never-ending chatter on the Giants and the Jets and I get the sense that the hosts and programming directors don’t even recognize their own biases. (Making matters worse, the token midwesterners on Sirius are Vikings play-by-play and color guys.)

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I like the commentary from a lot of these guys and the fact that they’re from New York does not, of course, mean they’re not worth listening to.  But it gets annoying that it’s New York, New York, New York all the time.


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