Chuck Wood, The MSG of the Packers?


That’s basically what he told ESPN’s John Clayton for an article on the Green Bay secondary. “I just do it all,” Woodson joked. “I’m like seasoning. You put me in and I’ll make it better.”

I think Clayton overstates what Nick Collins has done this year, but he’s right that the safety play has been a key to the Packers success this year, especially later in the year. At the outset, the safeties struggled. But even then they were an improvement of the Marquand Manuel/Nick Collins duo of recent vintage. Now they’re playing very well. Atari Bigby was responsible for at least two alligator-armed catch attempts after his big hits early. Kevin Boss is not Tony Gonzalez, but the Packers will need to shut him down in order to force Manning to throw to his outside receivers. (Manning panics when his checkdown isn’t available.)


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